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Strategic Planning A comprehensive strategic plan is the crucial first step in proactively addressing reimbursement issues affecting new and existing products.
Health Economics Determining the value of a technology compared to other options enhances the prospects for gaining coverage and reimbursement.
Activities for New Products A thorough assessment of the reimbursement environment for a new technology provides the foundation upon which ultimate market success will be built.
Support Services On-going activities such as payer advocacy, reimbursement training and "hot lines", are designed to enhance the long-term success of your product.
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Navigating the path to medical technology reimbursement...

...can be a daunting and sometimes confusing task. Are there coverage issues? Is appropriate coding in place, or are new codes necessary? Is payment adequate to justify widespread use? What other roadblocks may exist on the path to a comprehensive, effective reimbursement plan? Addressing reimbursement issues is critical to achieving market success for your product, whether you are developing a new medical device or managing established products.